Kilfane Glen & Waterfall

Unchanged for over 200 years Kilfane Glen and Waterfall is an unspoiled example of a romantic era garden dating from the 1790s. Located near Thomastown, just 20 minutes’ drive from Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilfane is a picture perfect paradise complete with tumbling waterfall, babbling stream and woodland paths leading to a cottage orné.
Kilfane Glen and Waterfall is listed as an Irish Heritage garden and great attention is paid to historically correct 18th century planting as conceived by the original designers in the 1790s. The 30 foot waterfall cascades into a nearby stream, dotted with tiny bridges. The 15 acres of rugged beauty is adorned with ancient trees, wild fox-gloves and ferns. A modern edge is added thanks to the contemporary art added each year by talented local artists, invited by the Kilfane Trust.

Kilfane Glen and Waterfall is open in July and August. An admission charge is payable and pets are not allowed. For more information see